How To Stop Your Hair Clumping Together?

Some of the people wanted to make their curly/wavy hair clump together to make it look awesome,

On the other side,

For some people, hair naturally clumps together tightly together and makes it look ugly and annoying for them to detangle it,

Are your the second type,

I know you are, and that’s why you are into this article,

You are at the right place, in this article we will discuss why does the hair clumps together and i will also give you the possible solutions to it,

Before going to the solution we need to know why does this happen, and if you need only the solution, you can skip this section,

Why do they clump together?

These are the possible reasons for them to clump,

  • According to naturally curly If you have a high porosity hair, it tends to stick together when it is wet, when your hair is wet you can not access the in depth hair that is near your head, so it is tough to apply conditioner and make them clump together,
  • Another reason is, if your hair has grown longer than its limit, it starts to curl and clump together and this happens for the curly hair,
  • If it is not maintained properly, if you don’t apply leave in conditioner regularly, it may start to clump together.

These are the possible reasons, here are the solution to it,

How to stop it clumping?

1) Cut the excess grown hair

Cut the hair where your hair starts to clump, i know this is harder for most of the women, especially those who love long hair and their curls, but when you cut them they will stop clupmping and will be even and easy to style.

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2) Apply a leave in conditioner after the shower

Try applying leave in conditioner after the shower, when your hair starts to dry there is a chance to become frizz and the tightly coiled hair starts to clump ,

So when you apply the leave in conditioner, the time for the hair to clump is reduced and the chance is avoided.

3) Try braiding your hair before going to sleep

When you regularly braid your hair, the hair is separated into segments and are aligned in a shape so the chance for the clump is reduced here, this is an effective method and it is recommended by one of my close friends.

4) Try using detangling brush

After you shower detangle the clumpy areas of your hair with the best detangling brush, when you brush your hair, the clumps get detached and makes your curl look like a curl.


These are the possible ways to stop your hair from clumping together, due to lots of spam comments we have closed the comments section, if you have any doubt regarding this, you may contact me at [email protected].