Pros and cons of shoulder length hair

A haircut could make a huge difference in your face, few haircuts are good on some faces and looks bad on other types of faces, shoudler length hair is pretty easy to maintain and can make your face look more structured, at the same time there are also drawback in having a short hair,

Here are the pros and cons of shoulder length hair, 

Is shoulder length hair good?

Yes, it is good to have shoulder length hair, as it has the capacity to make you look younger, it has the capacity to structure your jawline, so it is good to have shoulder length hair, we will look at this more below.

Is shoulder length hair good for thin hair?

The shoulder length haircuts can look very good for the people with thin hair, especially the side parted haircuts looks better for thin hair and makes the hair look thicker and fuller,

Hairstylist Friese says even though the shoulder length haircut makes the hair look blunt, it will have volume.

Cutting the hair shoulder length and make it taper at the end, and curling the whole hair will make it look thicker and healthier.

According to Bolton, a hair expert, shoulder length is the perfect alternative for people with fine hair, since it has the necessary length it doesn’t look stringy and it has enough texture so that it doesn’t fall flat.

Shoulder length cuts help to look stylish without putting a lot of effort into looking stylish.

Source: Byrdie

Does shoulder length hair make you look younger?

People generally think that old people can not have longer hair, but actually shoulder length hair helps to frame the face and meke their face look younger. Make sure it is right above or below the shoulder because if it sits on the shoulders, it doesn’t look good.

Does shoulder length hair make you look fatter?

There are different opinions on this, a group of people think that, 

Looking fat is not based on your hair cut, but it is based on the body size and sometimes face shape plays a role in it, 

For example thin people with short or long haircuts don’t look fatter but if they have round faces and they cut their hair short, they may look a little bit fatter.

And another group of people says that having shoulder length hair will make your face more elongated and the wavy hairstyle will make your cheekbones look slimmer, giving a slim look overall to your face.

Is shoulder length hair low maintenance?

Shoulder length cuts or short hair generally needs a touchup every 4 to 6 weeks, longer hair on the other hand can survive longer without the need to visit a salon, but as they are short the time required to style them is lower than the long haircuts.

Why should you cut your hair shoulder length?

Considering all the above mentioned pros, 

  • they makes thin hair look fuller,
  • Eventhough it needs to be maintained every few weeks, the time required to style the hair is less compared to the long hair, if you are an office worker and has no or less time to style the hair, shoulder length haircut is the best one for you,

Is shoulder length hair more flattering?

Yes, shoulder length hair is flattering because of its flexibility, its extremely flexible in styling, there are a lot of hair styles available for this type of hair, 

One more positive thing about this hairstyle is, it can look great with any hair type.

How long is shoulder length hair and how long does it take for the hair to reach shoulder length?

Approximately 12 inch is considered as the shoulder length hair, however this may vary a little bit from person to person according to the distance from their head to end of their neck,

And according to the American Academy of Dermatology hair grows ½ inch per month which means it takes 2 years to grow to shoulder length, it may also vary according to the different hair types.

Source: Healthline

Is shoulder length hair good for broad shoulders?

Yes, shoulder length hair looks good on people with shoulder length hair, at the same time it is not advisable to do a very long and very short haircut for them.

Do men like medium-length hair?

There could not be a perfect answer for this question, it really depends on the taste of the person, however more than half of the men prefer a girl to have long hair than a short one, they feel it looks more attractive.

What are the face types best suitable for shoulder length hair

Although it is best suitable for most of the face types, they can look gorgeous on few face types, they are,

  • Round and oval shaped faces,
  • Heart shaped faces,
  • Square shaped faces.

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