Do split ends travel up the hair shaft – Everything you need to know

Split ends occur when the oldest section of the hair shaft is damaged, causing the hair to splinter. Hair grows out of the roots. Daily stress and tension are to blame for brittleness and split ends.

Do Split Ends Travel Up The Hair Shaft?

Once a hair strand splits, the damage is irreparable. If left untreated, a split end will travel up the hair shaft and may cause irreparable damage to the entire strand of hair.

Natural hooking and snagging occurs because split ends lack a smooth cuticle.

How fast do split ends travel up?

When cutting your hair in half, the damage travels up the shaft of the hair, but only by a few centimetres approx 3 centimetres.

Why do your split ends go up?

Having split ends means that your hair is becoming brittle, dry, and ragged at the ends. Unwound ropes could be mistaken for these.

Hair care techniques such as blow-drying, straightening, and curling can lead to split ends in the hair. Adding insult to injury, the use of harsh chemicals in hair care is also to blame.

What happens if your split ends reach your scalp ?

Hair will usually fall out in clumps, leaving you with thinning, unattractive ends in the majority of cases. When a split end is picked and splits all the way to the scalp, it can cause follicular damage.

Cutting split ends

Can  you repair split ends without cutting?

Yes, split ends can be repaired and hair can be regrown. Split ends can be removed in a variety of ways, such as cutting the hair or by candle burning, serum use, hair hydration, hair dusting, and a slew of others.

What happens if you don’t cut split ends?

So, it’s important to get your hair cut regularly to eliminate split ends. Always inspect your hair for split ends, which will continue to split and detract from its appearance if ignored. In addition to looking dishevelled and unhealthy, split ends can also reduce the overall shine of your hair.

How often should you trim your ends?

Approximately twice a year. In order for your hair to look its best, you must take care of its ends. Since “the use of chemicals and relaxers needs more frequent trimming,” Philip B recommends cutting chemically treated hair every eight weeks.

Why do I have so many incomplete split ends?

It breaks mid-shaft as a result of the hair structure degrading due to incomplete split ends. A mixture of hair care techniques over time weakens the cortex of the hair, which results in thinning hair. Excessive brushing, chemical processing and harsh treatments have been linked to split ends in hair, as have extreme shampooing and heat.

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