Why does short hair curl outwards? How to prevent it?

It’s frustrating to have unwanted hair curls outwards, especially those with short hair. The common reasons behind curling your short hair outwards are as follows: The weight and length of short hair. The end of your short hair is the oldest part. The part becomes thinner through natural damage. When the short hair reaches the … Read more

Sodium Hydroxide in curly hair products – should you worry?

is sodium hydroxide curly girl approved? is it safe for hair? whenever you get this question, the first place you should go to is (isitcg.com, curlsbot.com) when you type the ingredient in isitcg you will get, yes the sodium hydroxide is verified and curly girl approved, it means that the sodium hydroxide is safe to … Read more

Why is my black hair turning gold?

Don’t worry; I will help you know the reasons why your hair is turning to gold.  Pollution rays of the sun. Harmful chemicals are present in the water. Melanin depletion Stress Health can also cause your black hair to turn golden. What does it mean when your hair turns gold? Turning hair color from black … Read more

R+Co Gemstone Color Conditioner Review 2022

Taking care of your hair is an extremely difficult job, and without the right products, your hair may look dull and dead. I recently realized this when I colored my hair and it started to fade away after several weeks. At first, I thought it may be the type of color I used, however after … Read more

Does shea butter go bad? How to preserve it?

Does Shea Butter go Bad or Expire? If you are the person who loves to keep shea butter at home then you might have wondered if this product can expire or not. Well the answer is yes, it can go bad after 1 or 2 years of manufacturing. After this time period shea butter can … Read more

What does sweat do to your hair?

is sweat good for hair

Sweat is complicated but it is necessary to sweat to cool your body. Nobody wants sweat to linger on their body so it is important to keep clean and maintain your hygiene. Is sweat good for your hair? Sweating in your scalp is useful in a number of ways. Sweating increases the blood supply to … Read more

How can I get my 4C hair to hang down?

How can i get my 4c hair to hang down

There is no wonder that curly hair looks super cool and pretty. They go with every outfit whether you are trying ethnic or western. Caring for curly hair is as difficult as raising a baby. The most difficult and annoying part of super curly hair is to comb them down. If you want a straight … Read more

Can you use curly hair products on straight hair?

can you use curly hair products on straight hair

Hair is a very touchy subject. Your hair setup can make or break your day. While most people divide hair types into three main groups, curly, wavy, and straight hair, we all know that hair types differ from person to person.  Most hair products are advertised according to these three hair groups and it is … Read more

Pros and cons of shoulder length hair

pros and cons of shoulder lenght hair

A haircut could make a huge difference in your face, few haircuts are good on some faces and looks bad on other types of faces, shoudler length hair is pretty easy to maintain and can make your face look more structured, at the same time there are also drawback in having a short hair, Here … Read more