How can I get my 4C hair to hang down?

There is no wonder that curly hair looks super cool and pretty. They go with every outfit whether you are trying ethnic or western. Caring for curly hair is as difficult as raising a baby. The most difficult and annoying part of super curly hair is to comb them down. If you want a straight hair look or something other than an Afro look, then you may feel a need of hanging down your hair. Well, we got a solution for you. Let’s get an idea of how you can get your 4C Hair to hang down.

Why does 4C hair grow upwards?

If your hair is growing upward the reason behind this may be the growth patterns of your hair. It can also happen because sometimes in some sections of hair the curls become loose and these hair grow faster than others. That’s why it may appear that your hair is growing upwards. Over some time the roots of twists become unsteady. 

What can you do to make your hair hang down?

Braid Your hair

If you put weight in your hair then it may naturally hang down. You can make braids to apply a little bit of pressure so that your hair will hang down. Doing this puts an extra weight to your hair.

Wet bun can help it relax

After washing your hair, just apply a heat protecting serum or gel and use a hair dryer with cool settings. After having your hair slightly straight, you have to make a bun. Use Bobby pins to secure this bun.

Double looped ponytails can make your hair hang

 If you add loops or layers to your hair, they will become slightly more bulky than they actually are which allows them to hang down. If a double looped ponytail is still not helping you then you can try triple or quadruple loops. It will make your hair more voluminous. Due to the pressure of these loops your hair will automatically hang down.

Accessorize your hair

You can use hair bands, hair clips and some more hair accessories so that your scalp will have more pressure. By the weights of your hairstyle and hair accessories your hair will be in your control for some time. This trick can be used for a short period of time only.

Light relaxer run can also help

This trick will also do your work for only some time. Light hair relaxer will soften your hair so that they automatically extend downwards instead of upwards. After some days your hair will revert back to their original texture and they will start going upwards.

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Hydrate your hair

Making your hair wet can also help in putting your hair in a downward direction instead of upwards . You can use hair sprays, hair gels or if you don’t want to use these two options just wet a comb with water and comb your hair . This will hydrate your hair. Hydration makes your hair softer. 

A good Massage can help

A massage can help you relax. You will be surprised to know that not only a massage can help you relax but it can also make your super curly hair sit down. You just have to take 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil and add it to your hair oil. Then by using your fingers put this oil into your scalp and massage in a circular motion. After 20-30 minutes wash your hair off. This trick is also useful for the health of your hair.


4c hair only annoys you when they are short. Once your hair reaches below your shoulders, the weight will make them hold into downward direction. You can follow a super strict hair care routine for the growth of your hair. Some of the above mentioned tips also make your hair grow faster and healthier. 

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