This Is Why Your Brown Hair Is Turning Blonde


why my brown hair is turning bonde? The one common reason that is responsible for the color change in both skin and the hair is melanin, melanin is a pigment that is caused by the special cells called melanocytes, these cells are usually present at the bottom of every hair strands, when these cells more … Read more

Best Hair Brush For Thick Hair

Hair brushes plays a major role in getting your hair out of static, When you regularly brush your hair, the dust particles are removed from your hair which makes it cleaner and healthier, If you have fine hair it is little easy to do but if you have thick hair you need to be little … Read more

How To Stop Your Hair Clumping Together?

how to stop hair clumping together

Some of the people wanted to make their curly/wavy hair clump together to make it look awesome, On the other side, For some people, hair naturally clumps together tightly together and makes it look ugly and annoying for them to detangle it, Are your the second type, I know you are, and that’s why you … Read more

11 Best Silk Sleep Cap For Curly Hair

When you have a dry hair that causes split ends every morning is going to be a bad morning for you, Whenever you wakeup, your day is gonna start from the mirror, the mirror show your your unmanageable broken hair, To prevent the split ends the bonet sleep caps are invented, this prevent your hair … Read more

TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protection Spray Review

Tresemme Heat protection spray review

When hair is exposed to over heat and pollution, it starts to fall out, to solve the issues caused by curling and flat irons, heat protection sprays are introduced, Tresemme heat protection spray is one among them. There is no need for introduction to tresemme, they are one among the famous and best brands in … Read more

Best Turbie Twist Hair Towels On Amazon

Turbie twist hair towel is a certain type of hair towel that is specially made for the hair to dry it faster, In an urgent morning, when you wake up and getting ready for the office, spending a separate time for drying your with the blow dryer or any other electronic item is literally wasting … Read more

Can You Mix Different Conditioners Together?

can you mix conditioners together

I have used a lots of conditioners in my 29 years of life, sometimes when a bottle of conditioner comes to an end and when it can not fill my whole wash, i need to throw it away, i’m a kind of person who doesn’t like wasting things, which leads to a weird thought, can … Read more