What is hair made out of, “is hair a dead cell”?

Normally 50 to 100 hair fall from your head and also from your body, some people say hair is a dead cell and other people questions how can it grow if it is made of dead cells?

in this article, we are going to clear your confusion on “is hair a dead cell”

is hair a dead cell, what is hair made out of? yes, the hair is a dead cell, the hair grows from the root and comes out of the follicle, the tiny blood vessels at the base of the follicle feed the hair root to keep the hair growing, but once the hair comes above the skin surface, the cells within the strands of hair are dead, the hairs that you see above the skin surface contains dead cells.

the hair is made out of keratin(keratin is a form of protein which hair is made of).

source: kidshealth.org

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