What is a kitchen hair, why it is called as kitchen?

What is the relation between kitchen and the hair, who combined these two words that doesn’t even have 1% of relation, and why?

What is a kitchen hair?

The little bit of tiny hairs that are present at the nape of your neck at the backside is called as kitchen hair

This is not called as kitchen by everybody, people having Afro hair call it in that name.

Here is an example,

In the above picture the tiny hairs that are pointed by the arrow is called as the kitchen hair.

Why is it called kitchen hair?

There is no accurate answer for this question, but I what I heard was,

Back in the olden days women were working in the kitchen always, mostly men can find them there and they see their back at first and also kitchen will be at the back of the house so that their nape hair is called as kitchen hair,

All these are just spread from ear to ear and nobody knows the real reason.

How to groom kitchen hair?

first of all is it necessary to groom your kitchen hair? Yes it is important to groom it, when other parts of your are styled and the kitchen hair is not styled, it looks weired and it spoils the whole look of your hair.

Now lets come to the main thing, how to style it,

there are two things you can do with it,

  • Doing an undercut
  • Applying heat and cutting the uneven part of the kitchen hair

Doing undercut can make it vanish but for the people who don’t prefer it, you can apply heat on it and cut the portions that are uneven,

For the clear tutorial, check the below video

  • Take the hot comb and comb the hair at the nape of your neck,
  • Once it’s done, comb it downwards evenly,
  • Make sure to cut only the uneven kitchen hairs,
  • It can be done at home with the help of someone but I always suggest going to a hairstylist.

You can get this hot comb at Amazon,

If you don’t want to cut it, you can also trim it every now and then, you can watch the below video to trim your kitchen hair yourself,

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