9 Different ways to use expired shea butter!

We have already made an arcticle on does shea butter go bad, and in this article we are going to see how to use the expired shea butter in the most safest and creative ways, but in order to use it, you should not see signs of spoilage or mold.

Here are few possible uses for expired shea butter

For making soap

One possible way to use the expired shea butter is, making soap from it, saponification is a process which uses oil such as shea butter with sodium hydroxide(lye) to make soap and glycerin.

This way you can get rid of the rancid smell and color of the expired shea butter, however you have to be careful in handling the lye as it can burn or damage your skin and eyes,

And one more important thing to mention is, you should only use this for your personal purposes, that too at your own risk and you can not sell it or gift it, as it is made out of expired shea butter.

Applying it as moisturizr for your body

This is another possible way to use the expired shea butter, you can apply it on the dry areas of your body such as elbows, knees and feet, it might still have some hydrating properties that can soften and smoothen your skin, however you should avoid usig it on your face as it may cause irritation,

Before applying on all the parts, you can patch test it to ensure it does not create any allergic reactions, 

You should not use it on the wounds and torn skin as it might cause infections or infflammation.


You can use it moisturize your hand before and after gardening to help protect your hands from harsh chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides,

Wash your hands well with soap before applying the shea butter, 

If you are going to eat after applying the expired shea butter,  make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap, as it is not allowed to be swallowed after being expired.

Beeswax or candle making

If the shea butter is still in solid form and hasn’t developed a bad smell, it can be used to make homemade beeswax candle or even other types of candles,

Melt the shea butter along with other oils and add fragrance to it, pour it into a mold, and your candle is ready, this is one of the greatest and safest ways of all.

Leather conditioning

It can be used to condition the leather items such as shoes, belts or bags, melt the shea butter, apply on the leather items with a soft cloth, and buff it gently to restore moisture and shine to it. 

Speaking about leather conditioning, it can also be used as a shoe polish on the leather shoes, it can restore the shine.

Rust prevention

Shea butter contains natural oils that can be used to prevent rust on metal, so why not use it to prevent your metal tools from rust using the expired shea butter, it can act as a protective barrier against moisture and rust.

Wood conditioning

Shea butter can be used to moisturize and protect the wood from drying and cracking, it can be used on the wooden items such as cutting boards, wooden utensils and other furniture items,

Some types of woods like, oak, cherry, maple, pine, cedar are easily breakable, and applying expired shea butter can add a life to it.

Arts and crafts

You can use the expired shea butter to make crayons,

Melt the shea butter, add some beeswax to add hardness to the crayons, 

Add some coloring agents, and pour it into a mould, and let it dry

And your crayon is ready.

Hair care products

The expired shea butter is not recommended to use on the scalp or hair, however, it can be used on the hair extensions to remove residues and adhesives from it, and it can also be used to condition the synthetic wigs or hairpieces.

Final thoughts

Expired shea butter is not advised to be used on the skin or in food products, however it can be used for various other purposes that are safe use the expired shea butter, the above mentioned are few of them, but be extra cautious while using it.