Grande Lash Enhancing Serum Review

Grande Lash is an eyelash enhancing serum which helps to increase the length, thickness and health of the eyelash,

I had very smaller eyelash, i wanted to change it, when i see people with longer eyelash and when people get complements for their eyelashes i get jealous on them, i don’t want to say this but since you don’t know my face i’m opening this to you,

At some point i get irritated because my eyelashes are very small and don’t even get noticed, i wanted to lengthen my lashes,

When i thought of eyelash extension it is a costly thing to consider moreover there is a chance of my original eyelashes being damaged,

Also i wanted to grow the lashes originally which lasts for ever, when searching for the products i accidentally met Grande Lash enhancing serum,

I will never buy a product immediately, i did some research and read the reviews from all the possible places from forums to their website and from youtube to amazon,

After the deep analysis i decided to give it a try, and finally bought this product,

After using this serum for the 3 full months, i decided to review the product,

Lets get deep into the product,

Features and description

They have 3 months, 6 months and 6 week supply,

The 3 month supply comes with 2ml serum and 6 month supply comes with 4ml serum,

This serum is made with the blend of vitamins, peptides and amino acids,

Most of the eyelash enhancing serums will have biotin and peptides in it, biotin is a vitamin B and it helps in growth of the hair,

It can be either consumed internally or applied externally on the hair, biotin is rich in foods like banana, almonds etc..

Peptides helps to stimulate the growth of the lashes,

Since these ingredients are present in this serum, it really helps in the lash growth.

Who should not use this

  • Pregnant women,
  • People that are prone to dry eyes,
  • people undergoing chemotherapy treatment,
  • People under 18 years.


Keep it away from the children,

If it accidentally contact your eyes, make sure to wash it with the clean water, if the irritation persists contact for the medical help,

what i like about the product

  • It is cruelty free, it was tested only on human beings with the help of plastic surgeon and opthalmologist,
  • It is paraben free,
  • When i started using it, i didn’t saw any promising result for 4 to 6 weeks, but there was a growth in the lash, but when i continued using it i started to see some good results after 6 weeks,
  • It has won 2 awords Harper’s BAZAAR Anti-aging Award & Cosmo Beauty Award,
  • The serum dries within 2 minutes.

What i don’t like about this product

  • Some of the users has mentioned that the eyelids started itching after few weeks, actually i did gone through the same issue, but it was bearable for me, as mentioned above if you are prone to dry skin, please do not buy this.

Do i recommend this product, what was the result

At the end of month 3 my eyelashes seen a significant growth, the eyelashes were fuller and lengthier than before,

Now i have purchased the second time, the 6 months package,

I highly recommend this product.

How to use it

  • Dip the applicator into the serum,
  • Apply on both the eyelashes,
  • leave it for 1 to 2 minutes to dry,
  • make sure to use it once in a day,
  • Night is the best time for me, you can follow it as well.


Consider the problems that i mentioned before buying this, if you are pregnant please do avoid it, this worked for me, and this should definitely work for you as well, if you have any doubt regarding this Grande Lash Enhancing Serum you can contact me at [email protected], please keep an eye on this page, i will update the review after few months, may be 2 months later.