What is the Plural form of Mouse?

Sometimes we are confused of something whether to spell in one or the other way and one of those words is Mice sometimes we are confused is the plural form of Mouse Mice

The answer is the plural form of Mouse is mice and not mices, immediately the first question that comes to our mind is why they aren’t called mouses, the reason is below

1.Why the plural form of the mouse is mice

There may be several reasons but the reasons listed below are believed by most of the people

  • Some people say Mouse comes from an old declension of athematic nouns, few examples are man, foot, tooth, etc. and so they have slightly different plural forms and the nouns that are not from this category has the regular plural forms, few examples are house, cat, ball, etc.
  • Some people believe that English is a naturally evolved language so it is evolved what people actually pronounce and they say it is changed over time.

2.Is mouses a real word

There is no such word called mouses, but in some places, people also use mouses as a plural form of the mouse it completely depends upon people. as mentioned above the plural form of the mouse is mice and the reason is also discussed above, and I would like to hear your opinion on this so leave your thoughts in the comment box below

3.can mouse mice eat carrots

Of course, the mouse eat carrots and they love to eat it, as carrots are rich in vitamins it is necessary to feed your mouse with carrots

They also like some other crunchy vegetables like broccoli and also fruits like apple are good for their health too

In summer season it is good to feed them the above-mentioned vegetables and it will help them secure from dehydration.

4.can mouse traps attract mice

of course, yes, mice is the plural form of the mouse so it attracts mice

5. How long does mouse mice Last

The life span of mouse vary depending on their breed and where they live, it is believed that the pet mouse live longer than the other ones as they are taken the complete care by their owners it is said that the pet mouse has a life span of maximum 2 years

If you take more care on your pet they may even live longer than the above-mentioned life span, an extra tip is fed them the healthy food and not the junk foods that you used to eat

don’t feed your mouse the packeted snacks, that is not good for their health.

The life span of mouse depending on their breed are below

  • The life span of the house mouse is 9-12 months
  • Deer mouse – 2 to 14 months
  • White-footed mouse – 12 to 24 months

To know more details about the life span of mouse visit this site

7. What is the difference between Mouse, Mice, and Rats

This infographic from Orkin will clearly explain to you the difference between mouse and a rat

  • Usually, the mouse has large and floppy ears but the rats don’t
  • Mouse grow 12 to30 cms in length including their tail and Rats grow as long as 40cms and they weigh more than the mouse
  • Mice are brown and grey in color while rats exist in white, brown, grey, black colors
  • To know more details about the differences between mouse and rat go to this article

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