[Buying Guide] Best slipcovers for recliners

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Recliners are made for the comfort of the people, they are best suitable for the elder persons, people that are undergone a back surgery,and knee surgery and for different kinds of persons.

Read our article Best recliner for elder persons.

As Recliners are made for comfort, they are not made by considering the price, so actually they are heavy in price, so they are not easily affordable,

Since they are high in cost they need to be taken much care than the other ones,

The first step of caring is covering it, which can add life to the recliners,

Adding slipcovers to the recliners not only protect it from dust, it also helps it stay away from wear and tear, makes it easy to clean,

Just cleaning the slipcover is enough, there is no need to clean the whole recliner, which is a time consuming and a headache process,

So the recliner has to be covered,

We have gone through lot of recommendations from the user and after analyzing the 1000s of reviews we have made a list of best slipcovers for recliners which is definitely the best list,

Best slipcovers for recliners

1) Easy-Going Recliner Stretch Sofa Slipcover

This is another best one in our list, it is also being Amazon’s choice,

It has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon with 1500 customer reviews.

If you have pets and they use this recliner more than you LOL., then this slipcover is best suitable for you, it does not snag easily.

It is made with 20% spandex and 80% polyester, so the life will be high,

It is stretchable so that it can easily fit the recliner without any extra effort.

Best suitable for both manual and power recliners.

Wash it at around 30 degree celcius with mild detergent,

Bleaching and ironing are not recommended for this slipcover.

Users opinion

One of the user says,

I have one of the old modeled recliner for which i could not find a suitable cover anywhere and after i purchased this, and after few tuck and adjustments it looks like it was made for this old recliner,

The second thing i need to mention is it looks amazing, it made made my living room look like i had made a major make over to it,

loving a lot.

  • Easy to install,
  • Fits perfectly,
  • stretchable,
  • Helps to stay away from stains,
  • It gives a new and beautiful look to your recliner,
  • It comes with 24 different colors,
  • It gives a grip to the recliner and helps to make it stay in a place,
  • noticeably none.

2) H.VERSAILTEX Stretch Recliner Slipcovers

One of the best brand that we found in amazon was H.Versailtex stretch slipcover which is being Amazon’s choice,

It has an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on amazon with 250 customer reviews.

This slipcover is made with the jackquard fabric which is super soft giving you the premium experience while you sit on it.

The material is stretchable so that it fits any size of recliner.

They are best suitable for the recliners that are made with both leather and cloth.

The below image explains the size of the of the slipcover that can fit the recliners.

you can use this image for reference befre buying.


Users opinion:

One of the user says,

it has been a life saver for our house, we have a recliner that is made of cheap and fake leather materials,

i ordered this in an doubtful manner, because our recliner was bigger than the mentioned size but it suits well, now it looks great.

  • Made up of high quality material,
  • It comes in 11 different color, so that you can choose the right one which suits your house,
  • It has a side pocket,
  • It can be washed with washing machine,
  • Suitable for both manual and electric recliners,
  • It does not shrink,
  • Easy to install.
  • Noticeably nothing.

3) Easy-Going PU Leather Recliner slipcovers

This is another best slipcover from our list,

this product has an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon with 200 customer reviews.

This slipcover is made up of 50% polyester, 40% PU leather and 10% of spandex,

It is water proof and higly suitable for places where the water is used more,

As it is made water proof, it is easy to clean and free from and dirts, stains etc..

The leather slipcover gives a luxurious look and premium experience while you sit on it,

as it is elastic, it can fit ever the extra large recliners.

You can use this reference image for size before buying

easy going recliner slipcover reference image

Users opinion

one of the user says,

This cover looks great, it looks like i bought a new recliner, my recliner is 10 years old and it looks like a over stuffed one, but still the slipcover best fits my recliner, great product.

  • Water resistent,
  • Highly stretchable,
  • Best suitable for the people having pets,
  • Best suitable for lazyboy recliner,
  • People who loves leather recliner but have fabric one, this can give a feel of leather recliner to them.
  • It comes only in 6 colors, if you are looking for more colors look at the above mentioned slipcovers.

4) TIKAMI Stretch Printed Recliner Chair Covers Washable Sofa Slipcovers

This product has an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 on amazon with 50 customer reviews.

If you don’t like the plane ones and this printed design is for you, it comes with 9 different colors and you can choose the one that you like.

This is also a stretchable cover which covers almost all the recliners sizes.

This slipcover is made with 85% polyester and 15% fabric.

Users opinion

one of the user says,

This was the second cover, the first one didn’t fit properly, my recliner has cusion in the back and curves outwards, this slipcover fit it perfectly and it looks like it was made for it.

  • Easy to cover,
  • Trendy design,
  • It is stretchable,
  • The printed design is awesome,
  • The material is so soft.
  • The downside is, design is very minimal.

5) Vailge Oversized Recliner Slipcovers

This product has an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon with 200 customer reviews.

This slipcover is best suitable for the oversized recliners that doesn’t fit into any covers,

usually the above mentioned covers fits into mostly all the recliners but if your recliner is larger than that then this cover is for you.

This cover has the nonslip dots that will hold the grip,

If you are a person of a kind that will wash the cover very often then this will be best suitable for you.

Refer this image for size before you buy,


Users opinion

one of the user says,

Fits great on my recliner, the new technology silicon dots at the back helps the cover to stay on it without slipping.

  • Easy to wash,
  • Lightweight,
  • Best suitable for the oversized recliners,
  • The anti slip silicon dots are new technology and it works great.
  • eventhough it good, it does not cover the whole recliner.

Other slipcovers to consider


The above mentioned are the best slipcovers for the recliners, choose it according to your need and size of the recliner.

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